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Цветы и комнатные растения - обсуждения покупателей

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Сейчас в любом городе можно купить и подарить цветы дистанционно. И это здорово! Я на 8 марта всем своим подругам в моем родном Обнинске цветы подарила, хотя сама сейчас живу на Дальнем Востоке. А цветы я им вот в этом нашем обнинском цветочном магазине https://rosalia-flowers.ru/ с доставкой на дом заказывала.

Discover the timeless beauty of Le Roses de Chantal: each flower tells its own story

Discover the enchanting world of Le Roses de Chantal, where each flower tells a story of timeless beauty and elegance. 🌹
At Le Roses de Chantal (https://lesrosesdechantal.ru/) we are proud to offer a diverse selection of classic, garden, peony and spray roses sourced directly from the best plantations in Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia. Our commitment to quality ensures that every rose reaches you at the peak of freshness so you can enjoy its beauty for longer.
The assortment includes more than 60 varieties with shades from delicate pastels to rich, saturated shades - for every taste and occasion. Whether you're looking for the romantic appeal of Juliet, the ethereal beauty of pink and white O'Hara, or the regal elegance of Princess Hitomi and Princess Maya, our collection has it all.
Our main difference is daily delivery, thanks to which every visit to our salon becomes a delightful surprise. Although some varieties are available all year round, others are rotated in our supplies, so be sure to check availability with salon managers or on the website.
Check out the range of floral arrangements of rare and exquisite roses on our website.

But that is not all! Decorate your space with handmade candles and lovely home scents, or indulge your senses with natural rose petal jam and fruit marmalade. The chain of stores “In the name of roses” (https://lesrosesdechantal.ru/magaziny/) is your one-stop shop for everything related to roses.

Страницы: Пред. 1 ... 12 13 14 15 16
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